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Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist


Hawke Performance was established June 2022, a fully independent company with a passion to enhance overall health and well being, and change the sometimes dreaded perception of “working out”.

With its own private facility for 1-2-1 coaching and sports massage the issue of entering a busy gym with all of its distractions are taken away.

Hawke Performance delivers high quality, individual programmes designed for you and your goals. Whether it be for general fitness, sport specific, return to sport, rehabilitation, fat loss, strength, competition preparation or all of the above.

All programmes include a free consultation, GPP check, movement assessments, WhatsApp support and evidence based training to not only help you become the best version of yourself but using the safest and most effective methods along the way.

Kim Hawke

/ Owner – Personal Trainer – Massage

Community leader

Level 2 British Olympic weightlifting coach
Level 4 Strength and Conditioning coach
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 1 CrossFit Coach
Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist
Level 2 Movement Optimisation for Prehab Performance

Kim has been coaching since 2015 and her own personal training began in her early teens

Kim has always had a passion for sport and fitness, from being involved in various team sports such as football and netball from a young age, to creating group workouts for hotel guests, working within commercial gyms and also co-owning and running her own strength and conditioning gym for 4 years.

Kim has developed many skills throughout her coaching career, completing numerous high level qualifications to expand her knowledge and training skills, working with people of all ages and abilities, from newbie to athlete.

why Strength Training?

Strength training will change your life, not kidding!

There are many reasons to start picking up weights, aside from the obvious body composition improvements. It will improve your ability to do everyday activities and enhance your quality of life.

Here are just a few incredible benefits to regular, progressive strength training you might not have heard of:

  • Improved mental health and mood
  • Improved bone health 
  • Increased energy levels 
  • Better cardiovascular health 
  • Enhanced flexibility, mobility and stability 

Frequently Asked Questions…

If you have any questions about strength training, I’d be more than happy to have a chat, however here are 4 questions I mainly get asked…

Am I Too Old?

You may feel like as you get older that you get weaker, more aches and pains start appearing and you feel more tired but that doesn’t mean your body is unable to get stronger.

In fact, strength training will have the most positive effect on your body, it can improve those aches and pains and make you feel more energised.

Clients have mentioned improved sleep, thinking more clearly and an overall mood boost since lifting weights!

This also applies to younger people, a lot of evidence shows that strength training has a lot of benefits for the young adult, if they train sensibly!

Will I Get Bulky?

A regular concern from clients is the fear that lifting weights will make them look bulky. This usually comes from social media, people seeing very muscular people and making it look like they have transformed over night!

Well, unfortunately it is not that easy to become bulky, nor natural for the female. We just don’t have the levels of testosterone in our female bodies to create the bulky look, those you see on social media that do have trained for very long periods of time, hours every day over years and will nearly always will be using some sort of PED to boost performance, recovery and testosterone to get that bulky look!

Strength training properly, with a periodised programme, progressively overloading, using correct technique will build muscle – which is what gives the body that “toned” look, boosts metabolism and therefore burns more calories!

Will I Have The Time?

Life for most is extremely busy with work, family, friends it can seem impossible to find the time to fit anything else in.

However, finding the time to work on yourself even just one hour per week will have an incredible positive effect on everything else you do.

Having a training buddy and/or personal training sessions booked will hold you accountable for those days/weeks you really don’t feel like it.

Whether it’s getting it done before the sun rises, squeezing in to lunch breaks at home or finishing off your day with your session Hawke Performance can accommodate you 🙂

Can I Afford It?

Personal training sessions may sound expensive, but investing in yourself is priceless.

Strength training has multiple benefits from improved mental health, general health, confidence and body composition changes.

Longevity of your movement is a key component to my coaching programmes, being able to keep up with the busy demands of life now and in later years.

But it can also be dangerous if you aren’t really sure what you are doing, I see a lot of people following what they see their friend doing or a social media influencer’s random programme and not really understanding how or why they are doing it.

This over time can be difficult to see any progress and you could end up deflated or worse, injured.

Everyone’s body/tolerance/fitness is different so it’s important to be guided by someone with your goals in mind and who is fully qualified to do so.

Do You Do Nutrition Plans?

I am not a nutritionist, and I will not pretend to be one. You only learn the basics on the level 3 PT course, I’ll be happy to give you some advice on certain things and from a small amount of research I will be able to help you figure out ideal intake of calories and protein IF necessary.

There is a lot more to nutrition than a Monday-Sunday food plan, I see a lot of PT’s throwing out “nutrition plans” to clients with scarily low calories, unsupported dietary recommendations or huge restrictions with the most miserable looking food choices! It’s just not sustainable.

It is very easy to sit and write a “fat loss” food plan that some PT’s dish out to all of their clients, but they are not delving in to the mental side of nutrition, which for most of us is the problem. However, I do know a very good nutritionist that I recommend to my clients, she actually helps you understand YOUR nutrition, and massively simplifies it. AND you can still eat pizza and chocolate and all the things you love!

Sometimes small changes can be all you need, but if nutrition is something you want to take more seriously I will send you Jen’s way.

Rates and Offers

PErsonal trainer Prices for One to One (1-2-1) Sessions

1 session

£ 25

4 sessions

£ 95

6 sessions

£ 140

8 Sessions

£ 190

12 Sessions

£ 280

What is a session?

Each session is 1 hour long, after a thorough consultation I will have a good idea of what you would benefit from doing. Together we will go through a warm up, mobility/stability drills that I feel you would benefit from, this will have you primed and ready to go straight in to the session. Depending on your experience and technique, we will generally start with very light load and build up. 

For anyone just looking to work on technique, and build confidence in the gym I would recommend 1-4 sessions. These block sessions do not include a programme, however I will happily talk you through everything you could do to create a programme for yourself in our time together. 

Block sessions 6-12 will include a programme that you will have access to via Google sheets, it may be that you can only attend a PT session once per week but you can go to the gym 3 times, so I would programme your days in the gym as well which you would do without me. 

I have clients who train with me twice per week and just do some walking or low intensity cardio on their own once per week and that works for them. That is what is MOST important, finding the balance of what works for you. Everyone is different. 

From the moment we start working together you will have my phone number and I am always available via WhatsApp for support 🙂 


12 week programme only

The 12 week programme will be a progressive training programme tailored to your needs and goals. Throughout the 12 weeks I will be your point of contact for guidance and support via WhatsApp.

Firstly we will chat on the phone about your lifestyle, goals, injury history, gym experience, and any other information we need to give me the building blocks of your programme. Within a couple of days I will send you a copy of your programme via Google sheets and we can talk through it together. Towards the end of your programme we will arrange another catch up to help you moving forward, I will help you understand how you can continue adapting the programme on your own so you can continue making improvements!

£ 80


12 week programme + 1 hour walk through session

The 12 week programme plus added session will include all of the above with a one off PT session included at the start where we physically go through all of the movements within the programme together, I can then assess your technique and make sure you’re working safely.

£ 100

Online Programmes

This is something I haven’t been overly keen on as I always prefer to coach people in person so I don’t miss anything – however if you feel fully competent in the gym and I have no concerns then I would be open to sort something out 🙂

1-2-2 Sessions

If you would prefer to train with a friend/family member. This option only works if your goals are very similar and you don’t mind sharing your coaching time. Please feel free to contact me for more information on this

Sports Massage

Kim is a level 4 qualified sports massage therapist, and has been massaging for over 13 years.

Over the years Kim has completed multiple courses to gain more knowledge in this ever expanding industry, some of these courses include rock blading, cupping therapy, and movement and performance therapy all of which Kim utilises in her sessions when necessary.

The main focus of the massage is to look at what is going on in the whole body rather than just the site of pain, a session will likely include some movement assessments/moving around so please attend in comfortable clothing you can move easily in.

Frequently Asked Questions…

If you have any questions about sports massage, I’d be more than happy to have a chat, however here are 4 questions I mainly get asked…

Why Massage?

The majority of research on the psychological benefits of massage has concluded that it produces positive effects on recovery and reduces stress.

Massage can also provide multiple benefits to the body including reduced muscle tension, increased blood flow and overall sense of well-being.

Where are you Located?

Are You Qualified?

Yes, I am!

Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist
Level 2 Movement Optimisation for Prehab Performance

Can I Get a Gift Certificate?

Vouchers are available for Personal Training and Sports Massage and make the perfect gift!

Rates and Offers

Massage Prices

45 Minutes

£ 30

60 Minutes

£ 40

90 Minutes

£ 55


Kim quite simply is the best coach I have ever trained with and I’ve trained with a few. Private gyms, CrossFit boxes, and commercial gyms have all played a part in my fitness journey but never underestimate the importance of a properly qualified Olympic lifting coach combined with someone who wants you to do your best simply for you, and not their own ego. I would highly and hugely recommend Kim and Hawke Performance to everyone – just starting out right the way through to competitive athletes, Kim treats us all as individuals and strives to help every one of us show up and be our best self.


The understanding of knowledge and coaching are two totally different things. One you can achieve by researching, studying and experiences., The second one comes with awareness, empathy and deep understanding of your students goals. Kim Hawke is an expert on both fields, she have help me to develop the skills required with the ideal tools, making those goals achievable and sustainable.


I have been training with Kim for some time now and all through work related stress, anxiety, depression, historical shoulder injury and Covid she has been able to assess my physical and mental strength and exert just the right amount of pressure, motivation, enthusiasm and program modification to keep me going to the gym and secondly progressing. I know if I hadn’t have been training I wouldn’t be anywhere near the condition I am now.


Kim is a great PT. She is so friendly, patient and encouraging and always listens to my specific needs to help me reach my goals. I’m so glad I chose Kim as a PT. She makes me feel comfortable and relaxed during each session and having a laugh together along the way helps to keep the sessions enjoyable. She’s amazing!


I love having Kim as my PT. She has helped so much with my confidence and strength. We get on really well and she makes the sessions really fun. She has inspired me to want to become a PT in the future.


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